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The FAQ below is for ScienceFairWare and if you have WordPress access to this site (meaning you’re in touch with us and we’ve given you the credentials) then you can see how easy it is to create and maintain the FAQ.

If you’d like to see how the FAQ can be used for a science fair, check out

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How much does ScienceFairWare cost?

ScienceFairWare is available as “Software as a Service” meaning It is housed on our servers and leased to you on a monthly basis. The monthly fee is dependent on the size of your fair as well as the degree of customization you require. Given that many science fairs are operated as non-profit volunteer organizations, there is consideration towards your need. Please contact us to begin the discussion.

What will our web address be?

Whatever you choose, but most likely whatever it is now…your existing domain name.

The expectation is that once you start up with ScienceFairWare and we’re ready to go live, you’ll then aim your domain name to our servers and it will take over as both your website and database all in one place. See as an example.

What is the startup cost?

Again, that very much depends on your circumstances. Factors include:

  • the degree to which you adapt to the database/program rather than have us adapt it to you,
  • how much help you need in creating the public content, whether creating it new or copying it from existing website(s),
  • what degree of design you want done. We can do something workmanlike for you, conforming to your current branding/identity, we can introduce you to designers we work with, or you can take charge of the look yourselves. There are too many possibilities to detail out here and nearly all of them can be approached over a variety of timelines.

Will we own the source code?

No, the software is leased to you. Any styling done by you or for you will be via the WordPress template which, along with all of your content, belongs to you and can be backed up, copied, taken with you, etc. All of the database functions other than what is part of WordPress is proprietary code.

How about our database data? Who owns that?

All data belongs to you including all of the data in the database as well as all of your WordPress content. You may make and download copies of it as often as you care to. You can backup your WordPress content using the Export tool in WordPress, and the database has a backup function.

Further, we back up our servers nightly.

Can we buy the program?

We are willing to consider selling a license to use it (much like what you buy when you buy software for your computer, you can use one copy but cannot duplicate it and sell it). However, it would need to be a very special circumstance.

We believe that the benefits of maintaining on ongoing relationship with us for changes and improvements, coupled with the low startup cost and risk, make purchasing the software a much less desirable choice than leasing.

Do we have to pay extra for web hosting?

No, that is included in your monthly lease fee and includes email and other typical web hosting services as needed.

Your domain name will likely remain in your control and you’ll need to continue to pay for that to be hosted, that should cost you no more than $10-15 per year. We can even handle that for you, though, if needed.

Should you wish us to host other websites, we are happy to oblige, our rates are very reasonable considering our level of personal service.

What language is it written in? What database do you use?

Just like WordPress itself, ScienceFairWare is written in PHP using MySQL as the underlying database. All web sites display information using HTML coupled with CSS and JavaScript.

Can we access the source code to make our own changes?

Under a lease, no. You will have full access to add and maintain your website content via WordPress but the mechanics of the program must be left alone.

Can we host the software on our server?

Science Fair Ware is a “hosted solution”.   The software  is housed on our servers and leased to you on a monthly basis.

We don’t maintain any credit card info, of course, we use a gateway ( to handle processing and we simply store record of the transactions.

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