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This donor form allows anyone to give to your Fair. Registration payments are handled elsewhere, this is for gifts paid with credit card using an online processor tied to your bank account. See for a working version, the one below is in demo mode and won’t process a credit card. It will create the donor records and the transactions though so you can see how a gift affects things in the database.

If you are registered with the site, please login so your donation will automatically be linked to your records.

If you are not registered, you can choose to do so now, proceed without registering, or register later.  We can link to your records at that time if you decide to use the other parts of the site.

Organization and Comments are optional.  All other fields must be completed.

If you do enter an organization, the donation will be credited to that organization.

If you do not enter an organization, the donation will be credited to you personally.

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