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Science Fair Ware example below.

Board of Directors

Science Fair Ware is made up of the following devoted volunteers:

George Jenson, Software Designer

Excerpts from George’s Full Bio

“I have a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona, but that has little to do with my programming skills. However when coupled with many years experience as a small businessman it gives me a strong advantage in analyzing information management needs and proposing and implementing intelligent solutions.”

“As a consultant, my approach to it is pretty simple:

  • I focus on designing and providing efficient solutions to information management and communication needs. I begin by helping my clients clearly identify those needs.
  • My strength is in the mechanics of making a program or site function well. For publicly accessible sites I do modest visual design but more often work with clients’ existing designs or collaborate with others on the look of the site. I have experience with numerous graphic designers available for consultation.
  • I want the software that I write, or the website that I build, to be the finest example of work that a client has contracted out.
  • Functionality and reliability are job #1. I want clients to refer to their software as the last thing that they worry about in their operation.
  • When it comes to recommendations and referrals, I seek to be the first vendor that my clients’ introduce to others.”

“I have been doing this a long time and have no intention of ever retiring from writing, maintaining, and hosting software. I’d like to be with my clients, as their “software guy,” for life.”


Our advisory board consists of the following members:

Therese Perreault

Therese Perreault is a photographer, educator, marketing specialist and business manager with more than twenty years of experience in creative services and business management.  Her experience and skills are in strategic planning and implementation, program development, managing creative teams for results, and working with diverse populations.  Her creative experience lies in converting ideas into tangible projects and implementing projects from concept through completion.

She has a BFA, Photography, from the University of Maine and an MBA from Simmons College, Boston.  Therese has managed to find a path in which she has one foot in the creative world and one foot in the business world, often making her the a conduit between the two.

Therese is not only a fine salesperson and customer relations representative, she is a web-designer in her own right.

Chad Bush - Raven's Eye Design

Both this site and are the brilliant work of Chad Bush at Raven’s Eye Design. If you’d like to adapt this site to your branding / identity or start with something completely fresh, Chad is a stellar choice.

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