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Welcome to Science Fair Ware

george_jetsonThis website is not only designed to answer your questions about ScienceFairWare, it is a complete demonstration of the software.

You will notice it is styled quite generically. If you want to see how a fully styled site can look, please check out We’ll be referring to that site a great deal since it is the first site to use ScienceFairWare, is our flagship client, and an excellent demonstration of what is possible.

The SARSEF website is a good example of how the public side of a science fair site can be structured and filled with content.

The design of this demo site is generic to:

  1. focus your attention on the database software
  2. remind you that transitioning to ScienceFairWare will either require that the new website be styled to fit your branding and identity (highly recommended), or…
  3. …remind you that should you decide to use ScienceFareWare as your administrative and interactive site and keep your existing site for communication, that it will need to be styled to complement your existing site. This option is the least desirable but can be done if circumstances dictate.

You will likely find it most useful to use as the example to consider what can be done with the public side of ScienceFareWare. It is a standard WordPress site that allows those with access to completely control the content (words, pictures, links) that the public sees. If you are in contact with us we can provide you WordPress credentials for this demo site so you can see how easy it is to manage your public content. The sky is the limit but anything you set out to do will require your attention and work to enter and manage the content.

This demo site also allows anyone to create a Registered User profile to see what users with that level of access can do. Further, if you are in contact with us and wish to see the real depth of ScienceFareWare, we can then upgrade your access to Administration level so you can give the full database / program a workout.

It is our intention, once we have a significant set of test data, to reset all data nightly restoring everything to the beginning data set, removing all temporary users, both in WordPress and for the database. That way if you’re really giving it a workout, you need not worry about changes you’re making to our site.

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